Teacher Code of Conduct

Teacher Code Of Conduct

We recognize that the Teacher Terms of Service can be lengthy. As a result, we've put together this code of conduct to help you remember the most important things to keep in mind when teaching on ChatnLearn.

1.    Respect the students' beliefs and traditions while also keeping in mind that stereotypical stereotypes can be offensive.

We advise against having conversations about:


Politics Religion Marital status


Both students should receive the same care. It is not appropriate to choose a student based on ethnicity, nationality, ethnic origin, age, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or any other characteristic.


2.    Be Professional and Empathetic


Since students come from a variety of backgrounds and speak a variety of languages, it's important to be compassionate and empathetic while assisting them with their language learning difficulties. Encourage, assist, and instil faith in them!


Always remember to maintain a professional demeanour:

3.      Attend All classes and Arrive On Time

ChatnLearn anticipates that teachers will be on time for their classes. Students value teachers who can assist them in keeping a regular and accurate study schedule.

4.     ChatnLearn Bannable Offenses

Taking students/teachers off ChatnLearn or accept payment outside of the ChatnLearn system.

Promoting competing language services.

Providing or posting false, misleading, or inaccurate information (includes profile, teacher application form, course content, lesson history, feedback, etc).

Scheduling and starting lessons with yourself or with fake students.

Posting private contact information, which includes social media accounts and channels, email addresses, blogs, websites, IDs, and usernames.

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